Class Filming

Artist Idents is now offering in class filming.


  Package 1 will include 30-45 minutes of filming at the end of class to capture small groups performing the choreography learned. 


  Package 2 will include 60-90 minutes of filming being able to capture the entirety of the class which will be turned into an introduction to then follow onto the small groups.  

Piece Preservation

Artist Idents is now offering piece preservation.


Piece Preservation is the videoing and editing of a singular piece of choreography which can be used to enter online competitions

This could be perfect for any creative wanting to show their work.  

Live Streaming

Artist Idents is now offering multi-cam live streaming.  

Artist Idents now has the ability to run a live stream with up to 4 high quality cameras.  The stream can be linked directly to YouTube or other streaming platforms.

Due to the nature of this product and the amount of equipment needed, price will be available upon request so it can be gauged and estimated to fulfil your requirements alongside your budget.